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Lure bait classification and applicable objects

Lure fishing is a very common fishing method. This fishing method does not require real bait, just put the bait on the hook, and then do some small fish movements with your hands, so that the big fish mistakenly think it is a small fish. fish, and then take the bait.

According to the different types of lures, lure lures are divided into soft lures and hard lures. Most fish are not sensitive to color and resolution is not high, so the color of bait is generally useless. Many bait are made for people to see. The type of bait depends on the weather and the clarity of water quality. To choose, if the water quality is relatively turbid, you should choose a brighter bait, so as to improve the hooking rate of the fish.

The lure fishing method has a very good effect on some fish. You should practice more and master the fishing skills, and the success rate will increase exponentially.

Lure bait classification and applicable objects

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