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LZGO 110mm 13g Cranksbaits

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LZGO 110mm 13g Cranksbaits
LZGO 110mm 13g Cranksbaits

LZGO 110mm 13g Cranksbaits

Model:LZGO 110mm 13g Cranksbaits
Length: 110mm
Weight: 13g
Hooks: High quality and sharp enough treble hooks and customers can ask for 2X 3X strong treble hooks.
Hook Anchors: We use durable stainless steel hook anchors and these anchors are produced by lathe, so they are strong enough during catch big fish.
Eyes: High quality 3D laser eyes.

NAMEFINISHBody LenghtWeight Action/m
LZGO 110mm 13gCOMMON LASER110mm13g0-3