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10 Tips for Getting Started with Lure Bait

1: the skills of artificial bait storage

Lure is different from the traditional fishing method. There are many small props in the tools used by Lure. Especially when walking the fish, some of the clanging bells on the rod are easy to lose. You can make a live buckle pin, hang some of your own lures on it according to your fishing habits, and then hang the rope around your neck. In this way, fishermen can quickly and easily choose the fake bait they want after fishing.

2: draw patterns on the soft bait

I believe that many lure anglers have started with more or less fake bait. Among these various types of bait, anglers can carefully select the soft bait, and draw patterns on the soft bait for the target fish. The purpose of this is to make the lure look more realistic and attractive. The nearby fish come to grab food, and Lure will also become easier.

3: catch slippery fish

Many lure target fish have very slippery mucus, so fishermen can prepare a bag of dishcloth, which is very effective for catching slippery fish.

4: Appropriate dress up bait

Among the fake lures, the most original and classic is the diamond lure. Many anglers use it to catch bass and cod. Often topped with bare hooks, colored tubes or feather hooks. Anglers can use paper clips instead of connecting rings, which makes it easier to quickly change accessories of different colors and shapes.

5: the use of a set of hooks

The essence of the use of a set of fish hooks is: use an Aberdeen hook with a long handle and a narrow hook distance, and then set the bait on the hook, so that the part of the bait that floats can be reduced. When fishing for sunfish and bass, the bait wants to The possibility of tearing the bait is low. This lure fishing method is also suitable for freshwater fishing with insect bait or sea worms.

6: Pruning of lures

When fishing in summer, in order to allow the fake bait to swim normally, fishermen can reduce two barbs of the three anchor hooks, so that the advantage of single hook easy to take hook can be maintained in river fishing.

7: reduce tangling

When lure fishing, the fisherman must manually flip the ring on the rotating reel after standing on the fishing position to throw the lure, so that the fishing line will not be entangled between the bait and the reel.

8: Appropriate suspension on the water

If you come across a fish that always teases you, you will never be hooked. Anglers have to be patient. You can pause for a while and let the bait float on the water surface. The floating bait can often attract big fish to bite the hook. This is a trick for fishing in shallow rivers!

9: Trim live bait

When using live bait, if the small fish are more active underwater, it will make the underwater fish lazy to prey to a certain extent. At this time, it is recommended that anglers can use small scissors to reduce their tail fins and slow down their swimming speed. This method is more suitable for herring fishing.

10: Tips for pruning fake bait

Cutting off the plastic sheet on the beak of the fake bait can make the fake bait create a large V-shaped water pattern on the water surface. These water patterns are very similar to the swimming trajectory of the fish. The fishermen only need to drag the line slowly at the fishing position. Bass in shallow water will actively attack the bait.

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