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5 kinds of fake lures that novice lure always needs!

As a lure newcomer, how many kinds of lures do you have in your bait box? Have you bought all kinds of fake bait? Every time you go out, you feel that you have a lot of types of fake bait. In fact, for lure novice, there are not many types of fake bait, these 5 must-haves are enough. Let’s take a look at the 5 kinds of fake bait that are commonly used for lure novices.

1. Sequins

Sequins are recognized as one of the most widely used lures, full water baits. At the same time, it is also the first choice for novice lure, because the operation is simple, practical and cheap.


This bait from VIB is also very practical and is highly recommended for novice anglers. The biggest feature of this lure is that it vibrates and vibrates. The VIB can make a loud noise when dragging fast. It is a middle or bottom lure. After you drop it in the water, as long as you leave it alone, it can sink to the bottom.


Mino is a relatively common lure in lure. Mino is like a small fish that strays or loses its direction in the water. Through manipulation, it can also appear as a frightened or fleeing small fish. Common features are: floating, sinking, suspension.


Popper Lure 120mm 45g
Wave Climbing is a surface-based fish-like lure. It is characterized by the obvious opening of the mouth, the short bait shape and the lack of a tongue plate. It mainly targets middle and upper lure target fish.
5. Pencil
WCOX-S 90mm 10g WCOX-L 115mm 20g

The “Pencil” is mostly slender and long, with a pointed and small head. It has a non-pressurized water version design. Like the wave climber, it is also a surface-based lure hard lure. The water layer of the pencil is also very wide, it can sink freely in the water and swim automatically.

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