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Lure bait classification and introduction

Types of Lure:

  1. Soft Lure: There are fish, shrimp, crab, insect, thunder frog and other types.
  2. Hard Lure: Hard Lure is divided into the following types:

Popper: Also known as Popper, this lure attracts prey by splashing water and making water sounds. It is a surface lure.

Pencil: Pencil-shaped lure, with a small head and a slender body, without a water pressure plate, it belongs to the surface-type lure, and it usually relies on the action of the fisherman to make it swing left and right (commonly known as DOGWALKING with a dog) .

Minnow: Fish-shaped lure is divided into surface layer, middle layer and bottom layer (F, S, SP).

Spoon: Spoon sequined lure, mostly used for small fish in streams.

Shad: Herring Lure.

Vibration: Vibration-style lure, imitating the appearance of a fish being injured, attracting big fish to eat a little, and the speed of rewinding determines the swimming layer.

  1. Teppan Luya

All kinds of road map


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